How to avoid a plumbing nightmare

When we needed plumbing services rendered at our home, the only thing we cared about was finding a plumber that was licensed, bonded, and insured. Apart from this, we really did not do much research. So, when the time came to have a small flood in the bathroom fixed, we hired one of the first companies we found via an online search. That ended up being a big mistake. Not only did we over pay for his plumbing services, but we had to call him back a couple of times because the toilet backed up on more than one occasion and the workmanship, finishes, and messy work, ended up costing us more than we should have paid. 
Sure, when you do an online search for plumbing, you are going to choose the top plumber in NWA that pops up and visit their site. This is what we did. But, what we failed to do, was look for other reviews, on bulletins, forums, and online review sites. This was a mistake. The plumbing company we hired was not bad at the work they did, in fact, the plumber they sent fixed the issue. The problem came afterwards. He only fixed one problem, but didn’t look for other issues; this led to more work at a later date, and higher out of pocket costs for us. Additionally, he left behind dust on the floor, and dirt on the sink. Not big deal, but for the price we paid, it shouldn’t have happened. 

If we had just taken an hour, or even a few minutes to go online and read reviews, we would have found this plumbing company had a few similar problems and complaints in the past. Again, he fixed the base problem, and did the work we paid for, but was not the overall best local plumber that could have done the job. 

The price – 
Another reason we should have looked up reviews, and taken some time to call more than one plumbing company, was the rate could have come down. We simply hired the first company that we thought had a nice online site, and was highly rated on SEO searches for plumbing. But, since we did not get other quotes, we weren’t able to compare and determine whether or not the prices were reasonable or not. It wasn’t grossly overpriced, but the next plumbing company we hired, told us they could have done the work for less, if we simply presented them with a written quote. 

Bottom line, even if the first company that you call is the cheapest, the simple fact that you have done research and called around, and the fact that you have more than one quote, is reason enough for companies to provide you a lower price than the initial rate they quote you. So, if it is not emergency work, and if you can wait some time to read reviews and find out which companies are the best, do it; and, take as much time as needed to get written quotes, compare the work being done, and the company reviews, so that you not only choose the best plumbing company, but also pay the lowest price for the work being done. 

Avoid making a poor decision – 
All in all, the plumbing work was done properly, and the company we hired was a decent one. But, if we had simply read a few online reviews, and dug a little deeper, I believe we would have been happier hiring a different crew. If you have the time, and if you aren’t in dire need of emergency work, do your research, and compare a little bit. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will also result in you hiring the best plumbing company, and having no regrets about having chosen them for the job.

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