How to Apply Eye Lash Extensions Correctly

Applying eye lash extensions on your own can take long hours but the results are often priceless.  Apart from the satisfaction of doing it on your own and actually improving the way your eye lashes look and feel, some of the benefits include savings, control, and comfort.  Extension application can be done by a dedicated individual, but it is important to learn the method first by reading and watching others do it on the internet, books, or in a professional salon.  Here are some steps to help you get started.

Step 1.  Buy high quality volume eyelash extensions Sydney from a trusted provider.  High quality DIY lash extensions come at a price even if you do not intend to get them placed by a professional.  Carefully selecting the kind of product that you will put on your lashes is important.  Also, assess if your true lashes can handle the weight of the extension.  Extensions that are too heavy will only cause problems later on.  Prepare your mirror, lashes, little blob of adhesive placed on a small wide container (dries quickly), the tweezers, non-fibrous tissue, and cotton buds.

Step2.  Clean your true eye lashes before anything else using a wet non-fibrous tissue.   This is important so that the glue and the extension will adhere more effectively.  Some people prefer putting the lower lash extensions first, while some would only extend the ones on top

Step 3.  Curl your eyelashes for easy anchor.  Pick up one set of long flare on the middle with the appropriate tweezers, making sure that the little hairs do not overlap.  If you are using traditional strips of lashes, check to see if it is the right length by placing atop your true lashes.  Trim the strip to shorten appropriately by cutting along the outer edge.  For individual lashes, which look a lot more natural, many patrons attach them underneath the true lashes.

Step 4.  Dip the right side on glue and affix a strip of eyelash over the true lashes from the outer to the inner eye.  Do the same thing if you are using individual flares.  It may take a little practice to learn how to set a flare on the right place.  Try to push a little towards the base of the eye lashes, careful not to poke your eye in the process, apply a little pressure by using small horizontal movements until you feel and see it exactly where you want it.  Maintain that position for a good 20 seconds or more if you want it to really stick.  Gently pull the flare with the wet tissue and wipe clean if it is not in the right place or the glue looks messy.  You can repeat the entire process until you get the right look.

If you are going to apply it on your own, you should have at least seen or experienced how the process is done, so you will not risk ruining your true eye lashes.  Always remember to work from the outer to the inner area and from the long strands to the shorter ones on the inner side.  With constant practice, you will surely save more and be able to choose the right look for you.

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